Louis Luo: President
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A high school junior at the Webb School in Claremont, California, Louis is passionate about both math and community service. He excels in high school math and is currently taking AP Calculus at school. He has been teaching math to middle school students from indigent or troubled homes for many years and really enjoyed the experience of helping those kids appreciate and embrace math. He founded the Walnut Valley Math Circle in September of 2018 to try to reach many more kids and share the joy of math with them.

Steven Huang: Instructor
Sean Liu: Instructor

An 8th grader at Canyon Hills Junior High School in Chino Hills, California, Steven loves math and enjoys taking the math class at his school. He is also very interested in science and is currently on his school's National Science Bowl team. In addition, he is the first chair of the saxophone section of his school's marching band, and he is also one of the five members of the teen rock band The Resistance.

An 8th grader at Canyon Hills Junior High School in Chino Hills, California, Sean is the best math student in his school. Besides the Walnut Valley Math Circle, Sean participates in many extracurricular activities, including marching band, the National Science Bowl team, and swimming. He is also a member of the teen rock band The Resistance.

Brandon Zhou, Senior Manager

Brandon Zhou is a high school junior at Diamond Bar High School in Diamond Bar, California. He initially joined the school’s robotics team to only learn more ways to improve his organization and management skills. But since joining, he’s spent more than 200 hours on the team and has been able to not only create a strong management foundation, but has found a new passion for spreading STEM to the students in his community. By regularly holding STEM workshops in local schools, Brandon wishes to share the fun he had in robotics and encourage other kids to try something new.

Timothy Chen, Senior VP of Instruction

An honors student at Troy High School, Timothy is a self-motivated and dependable student which achieves high performance with minimal supervision. Besides being fascinated in science, Timothy also excels in math and computer science, already earning his IT certification. He is proficient at both biology and chemistry. Besides being a stellar academic scholar, Timothy plays both saxophone and piano. As a saxophonist, he is the leader of the school jazz band, a two time member of the all-state honor band, and is currently the 16th best high school saxophonist in the state of California. His piano is also at level nine of CM.

Yueshan Gu, Instructor

Yueshan Gu is a freshman currently studying in Santa Margarita Catholic High School. Math and history are her favorite subjects and she would like to teach them with patience and passion to young kids. She has been in honors math classes for two years and she obtained straight A's by using her own special tips which she would like to share younger kids. In addition, she loves playing different instruments such as drums and piano and she enjoy playing golf outside of school.